Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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Friday, March 14, 2008

Quarter Finals: Liverpool FC vs. Arsenal FC

Two English Premiere League teams will meet in the quarter finals.

Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC, two dominant teams in the English Premiere League will meet for the Champions League quarter finals battling out for the Champions League title. These two teams composed of great players such as Cesc Fabregas for Arsenal and Steven Gerrard for Liverpool. This could truly be another epic match for the two teams knowing that it's their 200th meeting for 114 years. Another really exciting match!

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Quarter Finals: FC Barcelona vs FC Schalke

FC Barcelona meets FC Schalke

FC Barcelona, one of the most known club in European football will face FC Schalke, a club that is somehow new to the modern Champions League on April 1, 2008. We all know that FC Barcelona is a very famous and one of the clubs who dominated in football in the past years and even today but, we also know that the "ball is round". Anything could happen in the match, it could be another win for FC Barcelona or a win for FC Schalke. But there's one thing for sure! This could be one hell of a match.

Quarter Finals: AS Roma vs. Manchester United

AS Roma versus Manchester United FC. Will AS Roma take their revenge from their 7-1 defeat against Manchester United?

Now that AS Roma will face Manchester United in the quarter finals of the Champions League, will Roma take their revenge from their 7-1 defeat against Man. United? Aside from the Champions League title that they are heading to, Roma is now on a role to avenge the humiliating defeat against United during their match for a place in the semi-finals of the last Champions League last April 10, 2007. We will just see it in match this April 1, 2008 in Stadio Olimpico, Rome.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Champions League: The Final 8

Now that the first knockout round is finished, allowing Arsenal FC, Fenerbahçe SK, Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, FC Schalke, AS Roma, FC Barcelona to compete for the quarter finals. But what team will get it? I mean, get through the finals and be crowned champions? Knowing that 4 of the English League's most dominant teams are in, Manchester United FC, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC. But, anything could happen and any team could grab the title. Quarter finals will be on April 1-2, 2008. Just can't wait anymore for the next rounds.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Liverpool won over Inter Milan(1-0)

Liverpool vs Inter Milan

Liverpool got the final spot for the quarter finals in the Champions League!

Liverpool took away Inter Milan's chances in winning the Champions league title after Liverpool defeated Inter Milan in their 2nd leg match at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Liverpool became the 4th English team club to make it through the quarter-finals and a chance to be crowned champions again.

The match started to turn to Liverpool's advantage after Nicolas Burdisso was sent out of a game at the 50th minute. Liverpool saw their chances for producing a goal against the crippled Inter Milan and took over the lead after Fernando Torres delivered a goal at the 64th minute(1-0) which secured a spot for the quarter finals. Now, they're in!!

Fernando Torres celebrating with Steven Gerrard

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Steps in using SOPCAST for watching live Football games

I have been watching (live) football games and other television programs in my PC just using SopCast. SopCast as described in my post about SopCast, is a software that uses P2P(peer to peer) technology for video and audio streaming using internet connection. In this post, I just want to share how this software works.

Here are the steps in using the software:
1.) Installation(of course, you need it. If you have the installer, just follow the steps for installation. :) or if you don't have one, just click this link for downloading. )

2.) If it's already running, just sign in as anonymous then you are in.

3.) You should see a tabbed pane in the GUI, then just click Live channels if you want to watch television programs or you could go to for live Football game channels.

4.) Your view should be like this if SopCast works.

Enjoy watching!!


Monday, March 10, 2008

AS Roma won over Real Madrid CF(2-1)

AS Roma vs Real Madrid CF

AS Roma had ended Real Madrid's chances for the Champion's League title

AS Roma ended Real Madrid's chances for a spot in the quarter finals for the Champion's League title. Even though AS Roma had won the first leg match against Real Madrid for the score of (2-1), the Italians still continued to dominate the Spaniards by winning the second leg match held at Santiago Bernabéu on March 5, 2008 with the score of (2-1). After Pepe, one of Real Madrid's defender has been sent of because of a red card, the 1st goal arrived at the 73rd minute of the game delivered by Rodrigo Taddei giving AS Roma a (1-0) lead. Real Madrid's striker Raul then countered just 2 minutes and tied the game (1-1), but Real Madrid's hope for winning the title ended when Mirko Vučinić bravely dives in front of Iker Casillas to meet Christian Panucci's cross and head past the Madrid goalkeeper at the extra time. The Italians now have the chance to compete for the title on the next rounds of matches.

Taddei celebrates after his goal

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

FC Barcelona won over Celtic(1-0)

FC Barcelona vs Celtic FC

The Spaniards had also gone through!!

FC Barcelona had gone gone through the knockout rounds beating Celtic FC for a spot for the next matches in the Champions League last march 4, 2008.
An early goal delivered by Xavi Hernandez with only 3 minutes time lapsed in the first half(1-0) secured a spot for the Spaniards in the next rounds of matches in the Champions League. Though they already got a (3-2) lead on the first leg, the team still continued to push through. The goal was made possible when Barcelona put together a fine move, keeping possession and passing the ball around confidently, before Ronaldinho plays a cute flick into the path of Sylvinho down the left. The Brazilian sends over a cross and Xavi Hernández is there to flick the ball over Artur Boruc. The Spaniards now had the chance to win the Champions League title again. Considering that the reigning champions AC Milan already got knocked out.

Xavi celebrates after he delivered a goal in the early minutes of the game

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Arsenal won over AC Milan(2-0)

Arsenal vs. AC Milan

They have done it!!
Arsenal ended AC Milan's title defense

Arsenal FC just ended AC Milan's title defense when they met at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza to break their goal less 1st round knock out match. The teams both have the loss of some significant players like Milan's Emerson, Marek Jankulovski, Ronaldo and Clarence Seedorf, and goalkeeper Dida and Arsenal's Tomáš Rosický, Eduardo da Silva and Kolo Touré, and Robin van Persie. Though their teams are like wounded beast, the match looked even because of the goal less 135 minutes. Attacks from both sides were made. Then finally the goals arrived at the final minutes of the game produced by Cesc Fabregas 6 minutes before the 90 minutes(1-0) and Emmanuel Adebayor at the extra time(2-0).

Fabregas squares off with Kaka'

Cesc Fabregas celebrates after his goal at the 84th minute of the game.

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Manchester United won over Lyon(1-0)

Manchester United vs Lyon

Another team from the English League stepped up!
Yeah!! Manchester United won.
Manchester United got their spot for the next match after they had won over Lyon.

Manchester United took another step up after they had defeated Lyon in Old Trafford last March 4, 2008 for the European Champions League knock out rounds. The Four minutes before half time, Manchester United's striker Christiano Ronaldo delivered a goal at the 41st minute when Nani and Wes Brown combined down the right and the latter's cross was deflected by Fabio Grosso to Anderson. The Brazilian's low shot fell conveniently at the feet of Ronaldo in front of goal and, although François Clerc tried to clear, Ronaldo's reactions were quicker as he turned the ball inside Coupet's near post for his sixth goal in this season's competition. The goal gave the English Champions the lead that secured their spot for the match (1-0).

Ronaldo's celebration after his goal

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Chelsea won over Olympiakos(3-0)


They did it!!
One of my favorite teams in the Champions League (Chelsea) had won with a SWEEP!!
Chelsea took a 3 against 0 win against Olympiakos, but before that, they need to go over a goal less first leg match in during the final phase's knock out rounds last Mrch 5, 2008 at Stamford Bridge - London.

Celebration after Lampard's goal(2-0)

But in the second leg, Chelsea's striker Michael Ballack headed a decent cross Frank Lampard which gave them the lead(1-0) for as early as 5 minutes. The next goal was sent in by Lampard on the 25th minute(2-0). Then just 3 minutes after the half time break, Solomon Kalou extended Chelsea's lead (3-0) and sealed in Chelsea's victory against Olympiakos. Though attempts were made by the opposing team to score, they still got dominated by the determined Chelsea team.

Kalou's Goal

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Funny Soccer Video

As I was looking for cool soccer videos in YouTube. I accidentally opened this funny soccer video, this video is one of those Japanese funny videos posted in youtube. It's very funny that it took me more than 5 minutes just laughing, maybe because of it's odd but very funny features/effects like doing "3D thingy" from the movie "Shaolin Soccer".

I posted the video above. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


The UEFA Champions League is an annual international inter-club football competition between Europe's most successful clubs, regarded as the most prestigious club trophy in the sport.

Originally known as the European Champion Clubs' Cup, the competition began in 1955/56 using a two-leg knockout format where the teams would play two matches, one at home and and one away, and the team with the highest overall score qualifying for the next round of the competition. Entry was restricted to the teams that won their national league championships.

The format and name were changed in 1992/93, and now the competition consists of qualifying rounds for some teams, two stages of group competition (where teams play each other in the style of "home-and-away" or "regular season competition), and then three rounds of knock-out finals. Qualification for the competition is decided by teams placing in their domestic league championships on a quota system, with countries with stronger domestic leagues allocated more teams.

Real Madrid CF has won this competition nine times. The next most successful teams are A.C. Milan (6 titles), Bayern Munich, Ajax and Liverpool (4 titles).

Formerly, the Cup Winners' Cup (between winners of the national cup competitions) was played, but national cup winners now play in the UEFA Cup (since 1999).
Source: Champions League defintion

March's Champions League Results:

March 4, 2008
AC Milan 0 - 2 Arsenal
Barcelona 1 - 0 Celtic
Sevilla FC 3 - 2 Fenerbahce
Man Utd 1 - 0 Lyon
March 5, 2008
FC Porto 1 - 0 Schalke 04
Real Madrid 1 - 2 Roma
Chelsea 3 - 0 Olympiacos

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Being a Goalkeeper...

Being a goalkeeper in a particular soccer game is a very enjoy and thrilling position to be. Being a goalkeeper gives you full responsibility of the goalpost which is the target of the enemy strikers, it's a task as hard as the task of a security personnel guarding a certain facility(Am I exaggerating?? Hehehe...). Anyway, being a goalkeeper is not an easy task even during trainings(I, myself had problems regarding that.. Hehehe..). It's because you need to be physically fit(you'll be really needing that body strength), mentally fit(quick reactions during play) and emotionally fit(strong heart and will power) to become a goalkeeper. For me, without these basics requirements you could not become a goalkeeper even if you wanted to be in that position. But just keep on trying, one day you'll find yourself in that position.

I have posted a video above showing goalkeeper saves and skills. Enjoy!!
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